Every day we are committed to providing you with the medical devices necessary to ensure transparent and efficient healthcare process based on safety, responsibility and sustainability.


Choose transparency, and be sure to guarantee your customers full traceability and high quality of CPT’s components


Choose transparency, you will be able to use high quality and safe products and to easily trace them

Nurses and Doctors

Choose transparency, be sure that your purchasing department choose Transparent CPT’s


Feel more confident towards a transparent procurement process

Did you know that not all labels prevent from hidden replacements of a high-quality component of the CPT with a low-quality copy of it?

The Article 12* labeling requirements are providing full transparency on the CPT components.  This gives you the information to track kit components from offer to delivery. Choose transparency and therefore make a responsible purchase.

Only a minority of the players in the market have deliberately chosen to adopt the regulatory pathway, which refers to Art 12* of the European Directive 93/42 / EEC on Medical Devices.

Remember to always check the label, Art. 12* offers you these benefits. It’s your right!

* Be aware that with the implementation of MDR 2017/745 article 12 will be replaced by article 22.

2. The transparent CPT

get the quality you have chosen

What is a Transparent CPT?
The transparent CPT makes hidden product replacements impossibile

How do you understand if a CPT is transparent?
It is easy: just look at the label. Indeed, transparency labels show in a clear way the manufacturer of each product, its unique article code and the number, which allows you to identify the notified body in charge, as the CE – except for class 1 low risk products, where no notified body are involved.

Therefore, it will be easy to know its quality and it will be impossible to make behind-the-scenes product replacements.

You will never get lower quality, but always the quality you have chosen.

With Transparency Labels, STS ensures that devices of high quality are not replaced with others of unacceptable quality. What you choose is what you get!

Choose transparency: make it become a standard requirement.

Healthcare costs are on the rise. There are two ways to keep costs under control: Technological innovation and Process innovation. The latter is STS approach and it offers several advantages, including:

  • Time saving and greater efficiency: thanks to CPT you can save on average 20 minutes in the preparation of each surgical procedure!
  • Cost monitoring: CPTs allow a greater cost transparency for each intervention and therefore enable purchase departments to easily monitor the overall costs of a single surgical procedure.
  • High quality, reduced risks:
  • Less contamination risks: Sterile single-use kits help reduce the risk of contamination associated with opening products individually, thereby reducing patients exposure to infections in healthcare settings;
  • Full traceability:

Each device used during the surgery is tracked for allowing full transparency in identifying all materials used in his manufacturing;

  • Less waste: with each single disposable pack, the amount of waste per intervention is greatly reduced. Each CPT can contain, multiple components; if each of these items were individually wrapped, this would have resulted in many more packaging materials and even greater logistical costs;

Transparency Benefits

Components is clearly CE marked and the original manufacturer is visible on the label.

No silent changes of components from set packer side are possible.

Regulatory safety in the light of new MDR (approved by EU Parliament last April 2017) as only certified medical devices are used in sets.

What you choose is what you get:  you are in control!