Secu-Tray extensive Portfolio

Build your own customized Ophthalmic Custom Procedure Tray from one of the most extensive ophthalmic product portfolio

  • from single-use ophthalmic cannulas to ophthalmic knives
  • from drapes and gowns to surgical tools
  • from eye pad to a full range of many other medical devices needed for any ophthalmic intervention.

All components, used at STS, are high quality branded products and clearly CE marked.

Secu-Tray is available for:

Intravitreal injection
Refractive surgery

Benefits from using Secu-Tray:

Reduced waste
Safety and Sustainability
Time saving
High quality components
All CE marked components
Highest level of transparency in the CPT market
Regulatory safety in the light of the new MDR
Full-service solution
Support and training

The design of our ophthalmic kits take place at “STS calculation Secu-Tray and samples excellence center” where our team elaborate the information collected from the surgical teams and translate them into CPT configuration that enable us to prototype samples. Once the kit is approved by the customer the whole “manufacturing” process takes place in one of our high- standard clean rooms, it goes through the sterilization process and then it is finally delivered in the surgical theatre “ready to use”.

STS sales and calculation team will support you in designing and prototyping your tailored kit to make  your surgery preparation efficient, fast and safer.

Contact STS Medical Group calculation team or your sales representative at: