What is a CPT?

CPTs are customized medical devices that gather, in a single pouch, all components required to perform a surgical procedure. Having customized CPTs generates great benefits for the surgical personnel such as time reduction for each intervention preparation (as much as 20 minutes), easy management of component traceability and tighter cost control per surgical procedure. CPTs, in line with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, can be manufactured either according to art. 11 or art. 12* of the directive.
CPTs are tailor-made products that can be customized according to a customer’s requirements for any level of complexity and component configuration.

* Be aware that with the implementation of MDR 2017/745 article 12 will be replaced by article 22 while article 11 will became article 52.

What is a Small Kit?

Small Kits are medical devices that gather a small number of simple items in a single pouch, simplifying the workflow for the preparation and performance of very standardized minor health care procedures (such as suture removal, epidural anesthesia, disinfection, catheterization, etc…).

What is Secu-Tray?

Secu-Tray is STS Medical Group’s “insurance policy” that signifies top quality CPTs and Small Kits.
The Secu brand emphasizes our commitment to provide the highest level of security for medical teams and patients. Tray indicates the support that “ready-to-use” solutions can provide to medical teams in the stressful healthcare environment in which they operate and where every day human life is at stake: in such an environment resource constraint is a daily challenge! Transparent labelling and well-informed medical teams ensure that no compromises on safety are accepted and make Secu the best-in-class choice in healthcare.
For all our Secu-Tray portfolio, the STS team provides user with:
· Full component transparency
· A simple customer experience for configuration
· Top quality components
· A customized, full-service solution with one
of the widest ranges of medical device components
· Reliable deliveries and logistics services
· Support and training

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Business agreements are filled with choices. Before taking a decision you evaluate all available options. Since its foundation STS has believed there’s one decision that is essential and non-negotiable: transparency. This is a key element to drive sustainability in healthcare.
This ethical practice of doing business assures:
– availability and accessibility of health information
– safety and sustainability
– higher quality of care
– optimized capital investment and operating costs
– reduced waste
– improved labour and asset utilization
– trust
That’s why STS today, after having been the first Company to start manufacturing CPTs in Germany more than 30 years ago in 1982, it is the first in the market to strongly highlight the transparency impact of adopting article 12* compared to article 11* of EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in the management of CPTs.
By adopting article 12*, STS assures customers that there are no behind-the-scenes product substitutions or other gimmicks to enhance our profit margin.
STS customers, thanks to the fully transparent labels, are always in control of the contents in any CPT and small kit. What you choose is what you get!

* Be aware that with the implementation of MDR 2017/745 article 12 will be replaced by article 22 while article 11 will became article 52.


Fairness is critical to any successful business relationship!
STS approaches each customer relationship as a long-term supply chain partnership, rather than a simple series of transactions. Underlying this approach is an organization-wide commitment to fairness in all our business interactions. As in any fair relationship, respect on all sides is a fundamental principle. For the STS Medical Group team, fairness also means applying our set of core values to our relationships with our stakeholders: always providing transparency; manufacturing top-quality products and identifying them with a clear brand (“Secu-Tray”); delivering efficient and “ready to use“ solutions; supporting our customers in finding the best solutions for them; avoiding exploitation of our business relationships; treating all stakeholders in the same way we would like to be treated; implementing fair compensation policies throughout the organization in accordance with European law; and investing in top-quality production capabilities within Europe.
By consistently promoting these values throughout our organization and emphasizing them as a basis for all of our customer interactions, the STS team assures customers that fairness will be the foundation of any relationship.


Medical teams face a daily struggle from a shortage of qualified resources in a highly critical operating environment in which they are required to continuously improve their performance. In this hectic environment, adopting CPTs has become a no-brainer choice.
STS believes this adoption should not only be a no-brainer choice, but also a simple a one. This is why STS has invested in TCS: a new user-friendly tray configuration tool that vastly simplifies the implementation of high-quality and customer-oriented CPT solutions. TCS is the easiest configuration tool in the market and makes life simpler for all medical teams!