The CPT Market is Fast Growing

Market Drivers

Currently, about 250 million major operations are performed worldwide every year, and the change in disease patterns around the world is increasing the need for surgical services considerably.

In particular, the Custom Procedure Tray (CPT) market is growing because of:

  • increasing number of complex surgical procedures due to our ageing society: epidemics and infections are giving way as leading causes of death to ischemic heart diseases, cancers and trauma, all of which require surgical interventions;
  • proven positive impact on efficiency and costs;
  • increased awareness about hospital-acquired infections;
  • switch to disposable surgical products;
  • proven positive impact of traceability of the devices;
  • increasingly complex and specialized surgical interventions which require a wider assortment of product lines

CPTs Market Segments and Geographical Distribution

Penetration of CPTs is high in medical fields with highly standardized procedures such as cardiology, radiology, ophthalmology and angiography, where the latter two provide the highest level of revenue.

High penetration levels are expected also in neurosurgery, urology, and orthopedics:  convenience, speed and reliability in terms of medical disposables are driving the adoptions in these segments. 1

The Global market for procedural kits (CPT) is expected to grow to  $ 21,9 billion in 2015. 2

The European market for procedural kits, in 2014, accounted for $ 770 million; it is a growing market and is expected to reach $1,131.4 million, by 2018, at a CAGR of 8%. 3

Western Europe continues to dominate the CPT market in comparison to Eastern Europe and, in 2014, accounted for 74% of the revenue, with more than $ 570 million in 2014.

Countries such as Spain and Italy, contribute to the market with around 10% of market share and show good opportunities for growth compared to the rest of Europe where CPTs are more established (13% of market share in the UK, 17% in Germany, and 12% in France).4

The United States, however, is the country with the highest rate of use of procedural kits (80%).5

Relatively poor adoption rate of the CPT in Europe, is also due to lack of Government regulation: in case of enforcement of common laws mandating the use of CPT within the hospital settings, the use of CPT is expected to grow significantly. Moreover, Europe is the continent with the highest percentage of population over the age of 65, with Germany at 20.6% and Italy at 20.3%; this is expected to drive the procedure numbers and, in turn, the CPTs market revenue.

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European CPT Market size

United States 80%
United Kingdom 60%
Scandinavia 60%
Germany 50%
France 50%
Benelux 50%
Spain 30%
Italy 30%