Despite the existence of several large and well-established companies, the European CPT market is very fragmented, with over 70 manufacturers; this fragmentation provides a basis for consolidation and represents an opportunity for qualified and specialized players such as STS to emerge.

Europe’s largest market for CPTs is Germany, where STS is a strong and qualified player through Sengewald, with 17% market share.

Operators in the CPT market can be split into two main categories:

–Big multinational companies, typically exhibiting strong brands and promoting the standardization of CPTs to generate high manufacturing efficiency.

Average estimated revenues from €40 million to over €150 million

–Family owned businesses, competing primarily on a national basis and sometimes focusing only on one medical specialty. These companies are very flexible and base their offering on strong customer service, high quality and product customization..

Average estimated annual revenues from €10 million to over €40 million