The health care expenditures are skyrocketing as a result of aging population.

Hence all health care systems need efficient solutions to successfully deal with this overwhelming resource challenge.
In such situation we wish to provide our support to the

health care transformation
enabling care givers to spend the most of their time close to patients
avoiding care givers waste their valuable time preparing procedures
– thanks to our efficient solution

We are committed to provide our support in redesigning hospital procedures.
In this new scenario STS Medical Group has become a main player in providing “ready-to-use” products that streamline processes and optimize available resources while guaranteeing the supply of high quality products and customized solutions. High quality products are only a part of STS Medical Group’s goal: our focus is on both the well-being of the patient and of the surgical team which are the key to our business as a real partner in their daily struggle with limited resources.

Transparency towards all stakeholders is the guiding principle around STS Medical Group’s philosophy, mission and values. Indeed, STS has positioned itself as one of the most transparent companies in the market. That’s why we are one of the first in Europe to support the new EU MDR regulation (approved last April 2017 by EU parliament) requiring the industry to exhibit greater supply chain transparency.