STS Medical Group operates in the following business areas, with a strong specialization in solutions for surgical theaters:

  • CPT: Custom Procedure Tray: trays assembled in one pack with the specific components needed for any special operation. STS subsidiaries assemble 5 million packs every year, in more than 3.000 different configurations. In all, these packs contain over 10.000 different items
  • SMALL KITS: a medical device conceived for frequent medical procedures (not surgical interventions) which can be collateral to a surgery or a bigger medical treatment (ie epidural anestesia, cvc or dialisi) or represent a medical procedure by itself . The production lot is usually bigger than the one of the CPT and bigger than at least 500/1.000 pcs. Customization is important but to a lower degree than for CPT.
  • CPT components: all necessary components, to meet all needs, in a sterile single kit, for the final users’ specific requirements.
  • Drapes & gowns: for surgical interventions and minor procedures.
  • Cotton and non-woven swabs.
  • Surgical tools for minor procedures
  • Protective clothing: single-use protective clothing of polyethylene,  to serve against minor and major risks in the field of the chemical industry, industrial cleaning, oil industry, transportation of hazardous materials, pharmaceutical industry or other contaminated environment.