SALVAMED-LOGOSalvamed A.D. is a major player in Europe in the field of specialized medical devices, and in particular, in the manufacturing of CPTs (Custom Procedure Trays), single use surgical instruments, orthopedic products, gauzes and non-woven products.

Salvamed is located in Sandanski, Southern Bulgaria, and is part of STS Medical Group.

Salvamed A.D. was established in 1998 by Luigi Salvadori S.p.A, a company specialized in the design and production of medical textiles since 1907 and a leader in the Italian market.

Salvamed A.D. has highly advanced machinery for the manufacturing, processing and packaging of gauzes and non-woven products, along with automated equipment for manufacturing and packing sterile and non-sterile swabs and laparotomy sponges.

The strength of Salvamed lies in the ability to personalize the products according to the indications of customers while maintaining extremely high quality standards.

Salvamed, along with Texsan Medical, is part of the Bulgarian Manufacturing Hub (BMH) of STS, which is one of the major European manufacturing centers of products for the hospital textiles. The Hub, located in southern Bulgaria in Sandanski, comprises 30 buildings and contains industry-leading production technology.

In 2013, Salvamed achieved a turnover of approximately € 8 million with and Italian market share of 30%.


SALVAMED has important Certifications, such as ISO Certifications (ISO 9001-2008 e  ISO 13485-2012) and CE Certifications (CE 0373). Salvamed also possesses Certificate QPZ-1683-14 14/02/2014 and Certificate 099 QPS-0359-10 28/07/2010 from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Notified Body 0373.

Moreover, product sterilization is achieved by the Steam Method in compliance with the UNI EN 556 and 17665 Standards, and the ETO (ethylene oxide) Method, in compliance with the UNI EN 11135 Standards. New ETO Sterilization Services are also available.

Salvamed has a total sterilization capacity of 10,000 pallets per year, which means approximately 22,000 kits sterilized per year.

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