MSP Schmeiser is a German company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Custom Procedure Trays (CPT) for surgical theaters. It was established in 1982, in Horb am Neckar, in the German state of Baden Wurttemberg. MSP Schmeiser was the first company to introduce procedural kits for surgical theater in Germany and today serves clinics and healthcare institutions in the entire Country.

A close relationship with customers and strong cooperation with leading manufacturers in the medical device industry are among MSP Schmeiser’s keys to success: from the outset, the company has been qualified as a producer and distributor of CPTs for surgical theaters designed in cooperation with, and able to meet the specific needs of, the Operating Room. All medical devices necessary to perform a particular surgical intervention are contained within a single kit that the company designs and builds according to the specific directions of surgeons and other operating room personnel. This cooperation with medical professionals guarantees ease of use, traceability of each medical device, high quality (thanks to documented and validated sterilization) and a net reduction of waste. MSP Schmeiser has a multicultural environment, counting today more than 100 employees of 8 different cultures and languages: German, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Brazilian, Russian.


MSP Schmeiser works in line with ISO 13485, directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices  and is getting ready for the MDR 2017/745.