STS Medical group was established in 2012 by Monitor Clipper Partners, a private equity firm focused on supporting growing businesses, and Augusto Orsini, an executive with over 30 years experience in the operating room solutions market.

In 2022 AEMM biotech capital investments, a family office which makes of long term sustanaible investment its reason to be, has become STS major shareholder.

Transparency: The Guiding Principle

Business agreements are filled with choices. Before taking a decision you evaluate all available options. Since its foundation STS Medical Group has believed there’s one decision that is essential and non-negotiable: transparency. This is a key element to drive sustainability in healthcare.

Luxembourg, July 4th 2022

Dear valued customer,

As announced in our communication of last May 6th, we are pleased to inform you that our CEO, Mr Augusto Orsini, has completed the acquisition of the majority of the shares of STS Medical Group from the former owner, Monitor Clipper Partners, on June 24, 2022.

Mr. Orsini executed the transaction through AEMM Biotech Capital Investment, a Luxembourg-based family office with a long-term investment perspective in the health care space, acquiring more than 90% of the controlling shares of STS Medical Group S.a r.l., thereby increasing its presence in the single use medical device business area.