STS Medical Group is an International Group headquartered in Luxembourg, and a leading European player specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices and custom procedure trays (CPT) designed and customized for surgical theaters.

STS Medical Group operates in four main lines of business: surgical customized procedural kits (CPTs), CPT components such as drapes, gowns and gauze, protective clothing and medical devices for surgical theatres in public and private hospitals, as well as for healthcare facilities, local health services, nursing homes, wholesalers, and pharmacies.

STS Medical Group operates through Sengewald, MSP Schmeiser, Texsan, Salvadori and Salvamed and from Italy, Germany and Bulgaria reaches all the main European markets. Out of the four production plants, two are located in Germany and two in Sandanski, Bulgaria, where STS Medical Group now benefits from one of the largest and most technologically advanced production hubs for medical devices in Eastern Europe.

Every year, 250 million complex surgical operations take place worldwide: the rapid growth is due to the increase in the aging population and the increasing treatability of diseases.

The European market for procedural kits (CPT) in 2014 accounted for $ 770 million, it is a growing market and is expected to reach $1,131.4 million by 2018 at a CAGR of 8 %.9

In 2014, the Group achieved a consolidated turnover of € 65 million.

9 Western and Eastern European Custom Procedure Trays and Packs Market,  2015, Frost & Sullivan.

Average estimated revenues from €40 million to over €150 million

–Family owned businesses, competing primarily on a national basis and sometimes focusing only on one medical specialty. These companies are very flexible and base their offering on strong customer service, high quality and product customization..

Average estimated annual revenues from €10 million to over €40 million