“Deliver high quality solutions and innovative processes to make critical procedures in healthcare more efficient and effective.”


STS Medical Group has become a leading European player in surgical theatre solutions through a relentless focus on customer service, the supply of high quality products, and the development of superior customer solutions that integrate IT, logistics, and exceptional customer care. STS works with its customers to reshape their supply chains, adapting to the demands of health care systems in the 21st century.


Our focus is on both the well-being of the patient and the care giver who are key to our business. High quality products are only a part of STS Medical Group’s objective; we have also established transparency for each medical component in a CPT to provide the highest level of clarity in the market as standard practice for STS.

Core values

Transparency towards all stakeholders is the guiding principle around STS Medical Group’s philosophy, mission and values. Indeed, STS has positioned itself as one of the most transparent companies in the market. That’s why we are one of the first in Europe to support the new EU MDR regulation (approved last April 2017 by EU parliament) requiring the industry to exhibit greater supply chain transparency.